Southern Fried Asian: Susie Reynolds Reece

Since May is both Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and National Mental Health Awareness month, Keith speaks with Susie Reynolds Reece, the founder of Suicide Prevention Allies, the author of Children’s Guide to Parenting, and the original “Southern Fried Asian.”

Susie shares the story of her father’s passing, moving to Arkansas, and the changing ways society talks about suicide (4:00). She and Keith also discuss how to overcome the stigma of mental health treatment in Asian American communities (6:30) and overcoming social media addiction (8:30). They also settle the “Southern Fried Asian” beef once and for all (12:30) before having a frank discussion about internalized racism (15:00) and upending stereotypes around Asian parenting (20:00). Finally, Susie reminisces about kimchi — both how her white relatives embraced it and how her Korean mother taught her to make it (26:00).

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