Southern Fried Asian: Jenny Han

On this week’s Southern Fried Asian, Keith sits down with fellow Virginian  Jenny Han, the New York Times-bestselling author of The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy as well as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before soon to be a movie on Netflix — and its subsequent sequels!

After trading stories about growing up in Virginia (1:30), Jenny shares what it was like living just outside Richmond, VA (6:00) and how those experience inform her writing. Then they talk about writing from non-Asian American perspectives in her earlier work (13:00) and what it was like writing To All the Boys (22:00). Since Netflix will premiere the motion picture adaptation of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before starring Lana Condor on August 17, Jenny discusses the challenges in adapting a novel while avoiding whitewashing (28:00) and what it was like to see Lana Condor embody the role of Lara Jean (34:00). Finally, Jenny reminisces about her grandmother’s secret barbecue chicken wings (39:45).

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