Announcing Racebending’s Annual Super Asian America Panel for SDCC 2018

It’s July, which means San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner! This year, I’m making my triumphant return to San Diego, so stay tuned as we’ll be announcing various NOC-related events and gatherings all week. Just follow #SDNOC on twitter.

Up first, I’m happy to announce my participation in Racebending’s annual Super Asian America Comic-Con panel! On Sunday, July 22, come to Room 5AB at 2:45 pm where I’ll be joining Arrow writer Tonya Kong, NPR’s Mallory Yu, actress Joy Regullano — whose credits include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Supernatural, and Beast Boy himself, Titans star Ryan Potter!

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With stellar performances in a galaxy far away and superpowered heroics battling Thanos, Asian Americans are forging new ground in Hollywood. At the same time, it’s a neverending battle for us to represent our own American way.

Join Racebending for our 8th annual panel where we again assess (and nerd out over) the state of Super Asian America. Featuring Ryan Potter (Big Hero 6, Titans), Mallory Yu (All Things Considered), Tonya Kong (Daredevil, Arrow), Joy Regullano (Supernatural), and Keith Chow (The Nerds of Color). Moderated by Racebending’s Mike Le.

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