How Much More Will We Put Up With?

Maybe we should let them have it. Why do so many of us expend so much energy to be included in spaces that routinely omit us, populated by people who deny (and are angered by) our existence? Do we even have to go into how the corporations that produce and distribute the things we love are usually silent when the fandamentalists go on their racist, homophobic, misogynist tirades? Oh yeah, and the death threats.

In recent days, a corporation loudly and publicly sided with hatemongers.

Shouts out to individual creators who clap back at the incel legion of trolldom. But the major comic companies, movie studios, and geek merch purveyors have to step up or lose us. Their silence is complicity. Luckily there are options.

There is an almost embarrassment of diverse content, yet many of us are still clinging to the capes and webs and wands of a handful of content creators.

Time and again they’ve shown us that they don’t want us, or we’re being patronized via half-assed diversity attempts, trotting out women and/or POC to silence the masses crying for more inclusion in comics.

And these comics routinely fail, become tax write-offs, because they weren’t launched with any supportive infrastructure with an eye towards longevity.

For the cheap seats: Diversity isn’t an object. It isn’t a thing you can (or should) try to manipulate for a little bit of coin. Diversity is an ‘is.’ It’s like climate. Either put on or take off your jacket, but don’t expect climate to change for you. Diversity, in all of its permutations, is the default — not adolescent white boys whose violence is spurred by misremembered and warped nostalgia. Yes, targeting someone via social media is a form of violence.

I’m not saying diversity and inclusion aren’t worthy goals. They are more than worthy. But how hard do we have to bang on the gates to gain entry? How loud do we have to scream to be heard — not only heard, but listened to?


In January, I’m conducting an experiment. I’m going to (try) to only support indie-nerdom. I’m going to (try) to not cop anything from the Big Two comics folks, nothing from mainstream television and movie studios, nothing from the corporate cowards who have shown they rather pander to hatred than bolster pluralism. People have lived biblically, gone a year without anything Made in China, I think I can do this.

And for those of you wondering about the alternatives, here are just a few:

Comics: Lion Forge, Dynamite, BOOM Studios!, John Jennings’ new Megascope imprint, Black Mask Studios, Valiant

Games: Planet Rise , Game Devs of Color Expo

Film/TV: Wise Entertainment, Color Farm Media,

Your nerdom is your choice. Dig what you dig. But I’m having a difficult time giving money, time, and energy to people and places that don’t want me to feel welcome.

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2 thoughts on “How Much More Will We Put Up With?

  1. As has been discussed before, there’s a wider issue of comic/film fans simply not being especially discerning…or conscientious…about their tastes in what media they consume. It’s not much different from folks buying groceries from companies with bad business practices simply due to apathy, ignorance, and/or brand loyalty.

    I agree there’s no need for you to give your time (certainly not your money!) to brands that stand against your ideals/ethics. But more than that, please keep championing (and promoting) these alternative creators through your writing/blogging…that’s a real, true, positive impact YOU can make through your social platform. Some of us ignorant folk (like myself) don’t know anything about these alternatives, and we rely on knowledgeable folks (like you) to enlighten us.

    Please keep up the good work. It does make a difference.

  2. Another great post. None of us would feel this way but these jerks who have this monopoly on hate and nerd-dom continue to just find the time to hate on us. To promote the alternatives is a great idea and I’m very grateful that you’re championing this. Keep up the great work Shawn, and let’s keep making the alternatives that will, hopefully, make these giants obsolete!

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