A Conversation with Stephanie Williams, One of Comic Book’s Wittiest Commentators

This week I sat down with X-Men aficionado, comic book culture guru, and Twitter queen Stephanie Williams and talked all things not destroyed by 2020. Williams can be seen on SYFY Fangrrls writing some of pop culture’s most necessary takes: from trope-busting the “tired mom” archetype, to how differently X-Men hits after 20 years, every bit of her commentary brims with exactness.

Stephanie Williams and her son Micah, 2, sit on the sofa looking at comic books in their living room in Charlotte, N.C. Credit: NPR

Her commentary can also be heard on past podcasts The Lemonade Podcast and Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro. Williams also saw the successful completion of her Kickstarter backed fan comic, Living Heroes, which situates Misty Knight, Ororo Munroe, Monica Rambeau, and She-Hulk interacting with one another in the familiar setting of the iconic ‘90s sitcom, Living Single.

I sat down with Williams and talked X-Men, how trifling 2020’s been, and also how cringey an experience Project Power was.