Prepare for ‘Mortal Kombat’ with the New Trailer

It’s finally here! Warner Bros and New Line unleashed the first official trailer for Mortal Kombat! And with every blood-soaking, bone-snapping moment, they’ve made it clear that this is the uber-violent gore fest that we never got in the original campy (yet classic) 1995 film! This is the R-rated brutality initially promised to us when we first picked up the controllers to our Sega Genesis and selected our fighters! And I guarantee, that’s something so many of us have been waiting so long to finally see! And at long last it is finally here. So prepare yourself… for Mortal Kombat!

NOTE: This trailer is age-gated for mature audiences. So you have to sign in to YouTube to view it… which makes it more awesome (and super worth it)!

Mortal Kombat hits theaters and HBO Max on April 16!

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