The Sweeping, Epic Teaser Trailer for ‘Eternals’ Appears

For anyone who needs further reason of why Chloe Zhao made history as the first POC woman to win an Oscar for Best Director–behold!

The first trailer for Marvel Studios’ Eternals has FINALLY hit the internet! And as we anticipated, this looks like no Marvel Studios film we’ve ever seen up to now! But before I go into how special this is, take a look for yourselves now!

In addition to the trailer above, Marvel Studios has also dropped the first poster for the film here! And as gorgeous as the sun-kissed photography of the poster is, the most beautiful thing ever is that Gemma Chan is receiving top billing!

This may truly be the first MCU film to have an Asian female receive top billing, meaning Kevin Feige isn’t messing around when he says she’s the lead.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals hits theaters on November 5!

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