The Middle Geeks Episode 28: Palestine in Pop Culture and ‘Loki’

Palestinian historian and scholar N.A. Mansour joins us to discuss the situation in Palestine, where the situation stands now, how pop culture plays into the dehumanization of Palestinians, and what you can do to help and learn more about Palestinian people and their struggles. We also discuss all of Loki Season 1! What did we like about the series, and what themes resonated with us? Where could it have done better in areas? We also give our recommendations, and much more!

Spoilers for all of Loki Season 1 from 38:23-1:36:32

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Resources for Palestine


Shabaka (and they have a podcast available on all platforms or streamed directly from the site):

Twitter List of Palestinians to follow:

Dana Elkurd:

Palestinian media and creators to check out:

Short film- Maradona’s Legs:

Larisa Sansour’s Space Exodus:

Palestine 100:

Iraq 100:

Wafa Hourani:

Nabil Anani:

Strange Horizons, Palestine Issue:

Sarah AlFageeh:

Nadia Shammas:

Hajar Press Books:

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