Netflix Doubles Down on ‘He-Man and Masters of the Universe’

Netflix is single-handedly reviving the Masters of the Universe brand for a new generation! After debuting Kevin Smith’s revelatory continuation of the classic series from the 1980s, Netflix is giving another creative team carte blanche to completely reinterpret Eternia for 21st century kids.

Where Revelation hued closely to the designs and aesthetic of the original ’80s look and feel, this new series will be a complete re-imagining, trading in the traditional sword-and-sandals fantasy for a more futuristic sci-fi vibe — which, to me, is reminiscent of the 1990 New Adventures of He-Man reboot. This change in setting doesn’t take away from the core tenets of the MOTU mythology, though.

“Everything that made the original great is baked into this series’ DNA,” said Rob David, showrunner and Executive Producer of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Vice President, Content Creative of Mattel Television,“the ultimate hero, the love-to-hate villain, the deep mythology, the fantasy mixed with sci-fi, the valiant allies and great henchmen, and the comic relief.”

This new take also includes a refreshed approach to He-Man’s supporting cast. Now, when Adam lifts the Power Sword, he not only transforms himself but also his friends, including Krass, a hot-headed smart aleck masking her search for belonging; young Duncan, a brilliant inventor struggling to come into his own; Cringer, a clawless tiger yearning to prove his mettle; and Teela, a fledgling mystic with more questions (and spirit) than answers. This approach allows kids to see the value of teamwork and proves that the mythology has always been about the ensemble and not just the main hero. (Hear that, obnoxious 40-year-old MOTU fanboys?)

“The heart of MOTU is all about becoming the best version of yourself, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dives deep into what that means for kids today,” said Davis. “We explore perseverance, teamwork, leadership, friendship, and believing in yourself — all themes that are critical for growing up…and changing the world.”

In addition to the new series, Mattel will also be releasing a line of figures and vehicles to coincide with the show. The focus on these new figures will be more on playability than collectiblity — again, us old fans need to make way for new generations if the MOTU brand is going to endure. In addition to a wave of 5.5-inch figures, Mattel will also be releasing a line of larger 8.5-inch ones as well as several vehicles and playsets for the figures to interact with.

“The new collection features both classic and never-before-seen characters letting fans of all ages join the battle to save Eternia,” said PJ Lewis, Vice President, Global Head – Action Figures, Mattel. “Each articulated figure comes with an attack feature and/or projectile that fans can power themselves for even more imaginative storytelling.”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will begin streaming on Netflix on September 16, while the new figures will join the Masterverse line on Walmart shelves this October.

See below for more images from the new CG-animated series!

One thought on “Netflix Doubles Down on ‘He-Man and Masters of the Universe’

  1. It’s a full joke and disrespect to the original franchise.
    Teela black, Duncan no more the father,
    Ram Ma’am??? Instead of Ram Man so now à woman (à little girl)
    Orko a robot
    They All have the Power!!?!?!
    Wth has passed through Mattel’s creative team.
    It’s clearly not Masters of the universe. Something else. But not Motu.
    A “real” fan of 50 yo. Huge collector and French YouTuber.

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