‘The Ghost and Molly McGee’ Sneak Peek: Scratch Learns about Ghost-Feeding Thai Festival

Just when I think The Ghost and Molly McGee couldn’t get any more adorable, they keep coming up with more stories filled with hilarious dialogue and entertaining situations, but also never forgetting to include Molly’s cultural upbringing into the mix.

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Disney Channel’s ‘The Ghost and Molly McGee’ Already Greenlit for a Second Season

Ahead of its premiere this October on the Disney Channel, the animated buddy-comedy The Ghost and Molly McGree has been renewed for a second season! Executive produced by Bill Motz, Bob Roth, and Steve Loter, the series follows Thai American tween Molly McGee (Ashly Burch), who lives to make the world a better place, and grumpy ghost Scratch (Dana Snyder), who is always miserable, as they go through life together and build this unexpected friendship.

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Netflix Doubles Down on ‘He-Man and Masters of the Universe’

Netflix is single-handedly reviving the Masters of the Universe brand for a new generation! After debuting Kevin Smith’s revelatory continuation of the classic series from the 1980s, Netflix is giving another creative team carte blanche to completely reinterpret Eternia for 21st century kids.

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‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Posters Show the Starting Line-Up for The Tune Squad

Guys, the friggin’ Tune Squad is back! I never thought in 25 years I’d have said something like that, but my 10-year old self is actually really excited. Back in November 1996, the original Space Jam debuted about a week prior to Disney’s live-action 101 Dalmatians film, and has since become a frequently discussed cult classic! Man so much has changed since then! It’s 2021, and now instead we’re getting Space Jam: A New Legacy and Cruella within a month and a half of each other. Indeed, the times they are a-changin’. But I digress.

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The NOC’s Kid Reporter Takes on ‘Tom and Jerry’

There are celebrities and there are Hollywood legends. It’s not every day that The Nerds of Color gets to interview the latter. But I’m thrilled to say that recently, The Nerds of Color was actually able to sit down with two of the most iconic legends on the planet; A duo whose career pre-dates the filmography of icons like Scorsese, Coppola, and Spielberg, and whose work would revolutionize the way we look at cartoon violence!

That’s right, I’m talking about Tom and Jerry!

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‘Hamilton’ Star Jordan Fisher Talks Netflix Series ‘Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here’ and More

Netflix’s newest animated series, Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here, premieres February 18 and I had the opportunity to sit down with Hamilton star and quadruple Hollywood threat, Jordan Fisher (Dancing with the Stars), to talk his experience working on the show as well as his many other goings on.

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Cartoonist Keith Knight on ‘Woke,’ Politics, and the Power of Comics

Keith Knight is the creator of three popular comic strips: the Knight Life, (th)ink, and the K Chronicles. He has appeared in various publications worldwide, including the Washington Post, Daily KOS, San Francisco Chronicle, Medium.com, Ebony, ESPN the Magazine, L.A. Weekly, MAD Magazine, and the Funny Times. I sat down with Keith to talk his new show, Woke, now on Hulu, as well as politics, the craziness of 2020 and also the impact of animation and cartoon drawing by artists of color.

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Reviewing Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ from a ‘Castlevania’ Junkie

Recently Netflix has released the first “season” of Castlevania, a gory, animated version of the beloved Konami series featuring our favorite vampire killers trying to take down Dracula. I am a huge fan of Castlevania, from the platformer NES days to its Metroidvania-style games on the DS; I was curious to see how they would portray the game in a show format. There is definitely some potential if given to the right people. With only being four episodes long, how does show fare with the original material?

Long story short, some work is required but it is a good start.

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A Behind the Scenes Look At My Process

Originally posted at Medium

I recently got an email asking about my latest appearance on Madam Secretary and I thought I’d draw a cartoon about the whole thing.

Here was the email:

Wow!! I saw your episode last night and I’m blown away! So I had a question that you partially answered with a tweet. Do you speak Russian? At all? I saw that you had to learn 4 pages but did you have any background in the language. Also, your accent was amazing!!! Did you ever study the accent or did you just learn it when you got the audition?

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Conception: Origins of a Nerd of Color

The gun fired and we were off to the races. I was one of the first to dive in the water without a moment’s hesitation; it was as if Denzel trained me himself. It was the early-mid 80s so “Eye of the Tiger” was quite possibly in rotation on the radio as I stroked ahead of the pack, feeling fresh and new, keeping my eyes on the arrows directing our path.

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Why You Should Love Jem and the Holograms

Do you know what’s truly outrageous? I’m 33 years old, have no kids, and still watch cartoons. There’s one in particular that I just started watching again, and after not seeing it for 16 years I was reminded of both the hilarity (shoulder pads!) and the groundbreaking diversity of cartoons  in the 80s. If you didn’t guess it by the post’s title, I’m referring to Jem and the Holograms, an animated series created by Hasbro, Marvel Productions, and animation studio Sunbow Productions.


As a young girl growing up in the 80s, there were plenty of cartoons I could watch to justify my love for cuddly teddy bears and rainbow colored horses. There was also She-Ra, He-Man’s empowered twin sister. She represented two dreams of every little girl: being a princess and kicking bad guys’ butts. However, looking back at the variety of cartoons geared toward young girls, there wasn’t much cultural diversity, and there weren’t many realistic female characters that young NOCs like me could look to as role models.

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