Milestone Comics Founders Announce New Comics and Animated Film in the Works

Milestone Comics may not be a name as easily recognizable as Marvel or DC, but if you’re a fan of Static Shock, you have them and their creation of the Dakotaverse to thank. Static and the heroes of Milestone Comics are known for pushing diversity and inclusion in comics, especially in terms of representation of the African American community in comics.

With a long time in the shadows, Milestone is finally returning to the spotlight! During DC’s FanDome event, Milestone’s Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan announced a ton of new and exciting projects in the works; including a new Static Shock run, new Dakotaverse comics, and the return of ‘Blood Syndicate.’

The biggest news comes from the announcement of a new Milestone animated film, alongside confirmation that the Michael B. Jordan produced Static Shock is still in the works. Reggie and Denys didn’t share too many details on either project, but they were able to confirm that the animated movie would feature several characters from the Milestone universe. From the sounds of it, we could be getting a cinematic Dakotaverse, with this animated film being similar to Marvel/Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse.

Look out for more information about Milestone Comics and their exciting new projects as the year goes by, but for now, let’s all rejoice in the fact that Static Shock and the Dakotaverse are finally back!

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