New Poster for ‘Halo the Series’ Announces a New Trailer Coming Sunday

Gear up, Spartans! This thing is real, and it’s coming in hot! Halo The Series is finally making its debut later this year. I have a feeling that we’ll be getting a release date announcement soon as well!

For now, what we do officially know is that the latest trailer for the anticipated show is debuting this Sunday, during halftime of the AFC Championship Game on CBS! The official poster for the Parmount Plus exclusive was also revealed, giving a great, almost cinematic look at Master Chief in the series (played by Pablo Schreiber). Take a look here:

Our first footage of the series debuted back November during the Video Game Awards, and gave us only a small tease of what to expect with the look, feel, and characters for the show. I anticipate this Sunday’s trailer will be a lot more expansive, touching on the story and narrative of the series, and perhaps some interaction between characters.

I know a ton of folks have been waiting for this adaptation to get a big budget live-action treatment, and it’s looking like things are finally ready for prime-time!

Tune into the AFC game this Sunday to see the new trailer! We’ll also be posting it on the site. Stay tuned!