NOC Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis on Surviving ‘Halloween’

In 1978, the face of horror films was changed forever, thanks to the work of master filmmaker, John Carpenter, and the original final girl-turned-legend, Jamie Lee Curtis. Now in 2022, the saga of Laurie Strode and the force of evil that is Michael Myers ends this Friday, when Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock. And to celebrate, The Nerds of Color is counting down to the film’s release. And to kick things off, we’re starting with a bang!

We were so very lucky to be given the opportunity to speak with Curtis, herself, recently. And while brief, the amazing actress was able to cover a multitude of topics, such as her dedication to the fandom of the Halloween franchise, her legacy as Laurie Strode, and the complex topic of survival in the face of darkness and tragedy. Check out our interview with her below:

Truly one of the greatest honors we could have ever asked for!

Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock this Friday, October 14!

Stay tuned to The Nerds of Color this week for more from the cast and crew of Halloween Ends!