Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell on Darkness and Chemistry in ‘Halloween Ends’

We are counting down to the end of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends, coming this Friday in theaters and on Peacock. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to debut our interview with the great Jamie Lee Curtis. And today, we are pleased to present our spooktacular interview with two of the film’s stars; franchise icon Andi Matichak, who returns as Allyson Nelson and rising icon Rohan Campbell, who plays Corey Cunningham in this latest installment.

The duo was able to talk to us about embracing the darkness of the franchise, the iconography of Laurie and Allyson, and the surprising romance and palpable chemistry between them (which you can even see a bit of during the interview). Have a look for yourselves here:

You can get a chance to see more of Rohan and Andi as they’re terrorized by the evil of Michael Myers when Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock this Friday!