Uncovering the Secrets of Yorubaland with the Creators of ‘Iyanu’

In 2023, the world will meet Iyanu! Based on the acclaimed Dark Horse graphic novel, Iyanu: Child of Wonder, HBO Max is teaming with Lion Forge Animation to bring the world its first Nigerian/Yoruban inspired animated fantasy epic series. And The Nerds of Color was able to get an exclusive look with creators, David Steward II and Saxton Moore.

Steward and Saxon were kind enough to get together with us to discuss their upcoming series, including what to expect with the animation, the tone, and the cultural significance behind this project — said to be Black Panther meets Avatar: The Last Airbender. But with it mixes the cultural impact of Nigerian and Yoruban cultures. Here’s what Steward and Saxon had to say about the upcoming series:

Stay tuned to HBO Max to see the debut of Iyanu, and keep posted to The Nerds of Color for more about the series coming soon!

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