Here We Go! New Official Trailer for ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Debuts

Today, during a quick Nintendo Direct presentation, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario teamed up with Illumination owner and founder Chris Meledandri to unveil the new official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While the previous trailer only teased what we are expected to see in the upcoming April release, this new one showcased a lot more. On hand during the presentation were Anya Taylor-Joy who’s voicing Peach, and Seth Rogan, who’s voicing Donkey Kong, along with his dog Zelda.

Check it out for yourself!

Though highly anticipated, the film has seen its share of controversy surrounding the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario. And while the teaser only gave us a few lines of what his voice sounds like in the film (hint: it sounds like Chris Pratt), we get a bit more of him here. We know that this version of Mario and Luigi will be from Brooklyn. And therefore the American accents fit a bit better than the stereotypical Italian accents. And for better or worse, you hear more of Pratt’s voice saying iconic lines like “Let’s A-Go!” and “Wa-Hoo!”

That being said, we also get terrific soundbites from Taylor-Joy’s Peach, Charlie Day’s Luigi, and more of Jack Black’s excellent Bowser. Couple those with spectacular animation and some really iconic Easter eggs, like Fire Flowers, the Flying Racoon suit, and some Mario Kart to boot, and you’ve got a movie that, frankly, I’m excited about!

In addition to the new trailer, Nintendo and Illumination have dropped a new poster for the film, which you can also see here:

UPDATE: Nintendo and Illumination also dropped these awesome character posters, featuring better looks at Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and the Mario Bros.

The Mushroom Kingdom awaits you, as The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters April 7!