Lucasfilm Announces Three New ‘Star Wars’ Films at Celebration

It’s a big weekend for Star Wars fans! News and announcements have been flowing through everyone like The Force all morning. And perhaps the most exciting announcements were also the most unexpected. In short, we’re (supposedly) getting three new Star Wars films, everyone!

This year’s annual celebration took place in London. And this morning, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy took to the stage to announce several projects, including giving audiences glimpses of new projects like The Acolyte, the next season of Andor, Skeleton Crew, and Ahsoka. But it has been a while since new feature film projects have been announced, and this morning audiences got three!

The tricky thing about Star Wars films in the post Disney-era, however, is that they have a tendency to overpromise and underdeliver on multiple levels. Whether it’s upcoming projects that don’t come to fruition, or released projects that either disappoint critically (Rise of Skywalker) or commercially (Solo: A Star Wars Story). Remember when Taika Waititi was going to be doing a Star Wars movie? How about the creators of Game of Thrones? Wasn’t Rian Johnson doing a separate non-saga film trilogy? Let’s not forget Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron.

It seems like all of those projects and more have been scrapped. But much like Hydra, at Lucasfilm, when you cut of one head, three more shall rise (of Skywalker). Will these projects ever see the light of day? Honestly who really knows. But it’s exciting to think they potentially can.

Let’s break down what’s coming:

Kennedy declared that the new features will focus on the past, the present, and the future of Star Wars. And brought out directors James Mangold, Dave Filoni, and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 07: James Mangold, Dave Filoni, and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy onstage during the studio panel at Star Wars Celebration 2023 in London at ExCel on April 07, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images for Disney)

Mangold will be directing the film set within the past. Specifically during an era known as the dawn of the Jedi. The story, which sounds intriguing, will be about the first Jedi to wield the Force and harness it as a liberating power in an era of chaos and oppression.

Also very exciting is that Filoni will be directing a feature film that will become the culmination of all the current storylines within the Mando-verse part of Star Wars. That means all of his storylines from Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, Skeleton Crew, and of course, The Mandalorian will converge in a grand crossover that will be a major theatrical release. That’s incredibly exciting for a hardcore Mando fan like myself.

But lastly, and arguably the most surprising and exciting news, was the return of Rey from the sequel trilogy. Daisy Ridley joined the directors on the stage. And director Obaid-Chinoy and Ridley spoke about the idea that the film will be set 15 years after the sequel trilogy, and will tell the story of rebuilding the New Jedi Order and the powers that rise to tear it down.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 07: Dave Filoni, Daisy Ridley and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy onstage during the studio panel at the Star Wars Celebration 2023 in London at ExCel on April 07, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images for Disney)

Controversial as the sequel trilogy’s content and its quality may have been, Ridley’s Rey has, and will always be, in my book, a good character. And Ridley’s performance was always stellar. It’s not her fault bad decision making and lack of cohesion in the vision ultimately doomed the third trilogy. But it’ll be exciting to see where the universe goes from there, and will be nice to see Rey return.

Again, who knows what the future may hold for the past, present, and future of Star Wars. But as of today, we can look forward towards the two suns of Tatooine for a bright preview of things to come. Exciting times!

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