The Final ‘Fast X’ Trailer Goes into Overdrive

This Friday marks the beginning of the end for the Fast and Furious franchise! And we’ll have a review of Fast X for everyone coming later this week. But before we begin the countdown, Universal has just dropped a final trailer for the latest installment in the “family” franchise today. Check it out right here!

Fast X represents the first part in the final part of the final three-part finale for the final Fast and Furious story (yes I had to phrase it that way because I am just being intentionally insufferable). And before we count down to the beginning of the almost end — at least before Vin Diesel and the execs at Universal decide to squeeze another movie into this franchise — we wanted to show you guys one last trailer for the one last ride before the next two last rides hit theaters in the next few years (let’s face it, this franchise will never end…)

Here you go!

Fast X hits theaters this Friday! Stay tuned to The Nerds of Color for our thoughts on the film later this week.