Prepare Yourself For ‘Repossession’

For all you horror lovers out there, there is a fantastic horror film created by Asians and starring Asians that is worthy of your attention and that’s Ming Siu Goh and Scott C. Hillyard’s horror thriller Repossession. Before I go more into it, the film is now available across digital platforms, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

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A Bloody Virtual Good Time at the 2020 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

With the pandemic still very much interwoven into our lives, so has it affected film festivals around the world as they had to adapt quickly and either convert their screenings to drive-in theaters or go completely virtual. And for folks like myself and my fellow NOC writing & real life partner, Josephine Chang, our timing couldn’t be any worse as our short film Make A Wish started its festival circuit run right when the U.S. shutdowns occurred in March (or at least it did for us Californian folks at that time).

But we’ve been very fortunate to be accepted by so many wonderful genre/horror film festivals that took a chance with our fun little project. And along the way, one in particular stood out and it is here that I want to bring a special spotlight to a horror film festival that’s coming up virtually on September 1 and running till September 7th (available only for the West Coast and South West United States areas as it is geolocked). That festival is the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival which is located in Santa Ana, California.

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