Time Gets Trippy in the New Trailer for ‘Tenet’

Oh man, do I love Christopher Nolan!

It’s no secret that we’re living in an unprecedented time where the very existence of the theatrical experience is being threatened. Even if the quarantine is lifted, there’s going to be a lot of hesitation for audiences to return to the big screens. However, if anyone can bring people back to theaters, begging for more — if anyone can provide an argument for why cinema and movies need to be viewed outside the comfort of our own homes, and through immersive experiences we can’t get from streaming on our TVs — it’s Christopher Nolan!

If you don’t believe me, check out the latest, insanely fun trailer for Tenet!

Tenet stars John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman), Robert Pattinson, Himesh Patel (Yesterday), Dimple Kapadia, and Nolan-staple Michael Caine. Sign me up right now!

Tenet is expected to hit theaters July 17!


4 thoughts on “Time Gets Trippy in the New Trailer for ‘Tenet’

    1. It looks like a blast! Here’s looking forward to seeing everyone in the movie theater in a few weeks!

  1. My jaw dropped. I cannot wait to see this film and I’m sad that, given the pandemic, it might be awhile until we can all feel safe to return to theaters. Hoping this will be Nolan’s best film yet.

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