Full Talent Line-Up Announced for the DC FanDome

Way back in June, the first details about the DC FanDome, DC’s fan-driven virtual convention, began to emerge. In said article, I said stay tuned to The Nerds of Color for more news on DC FanDome. And well, loyal readers, I aim to keep that promise, and do the opposite of what my dad did that time he promised to take us to Disneyland but didn’t!

Anyway, while we got a few key bits of information about what to expect from the most ambitious virtual convention of the year, including which projects would be unveiled for the first time to us fans, it really was ultimately just a tease to get our hearts pumping. Now that the convention is only 15-days away, DC has decided to pull back the curtains further, and reveal to us the massive list of talent that will be participating in the convention. And I gotta say — This is going to be even bigger than I could have imagined.

For starters, here is the line up of hosts they have for each of the different satellite worlds:


That’s pretty impressive right? But that’s nothing compared to who the panelists are!

In fact, DC has managed to gather more than 300 stars, cast members, creators and crew from fan-favorite DC properties across the brand’s biggest films, live-action series, animated TV series, games, comics, home entertainment and consumer products to come together! Among them are Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, Dwayne Johnson, and more! But don’t let me spoil it for you. Here’s a brief motion graphic of the full line up here:

Did you get all that? Good! Now we can assume our respective roles as fanboys and fangirls and speculate what this list means to high holy hell.

Given what we see on this list, it’s no secret we’ll have huge representation for Wonder Woman 1984, and The Suicide Squad, but we’re also getting in on some major Shazam! 2 and Black Adam action, The Flash, and most importantly, The Batman! These are all things DC announced in their initial list. But it’s good to confirm that this will be the case given appearances from much of the Shazam! cast as well as Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves.

However, a few really big names popped out on this list that I have absolutely ZERO context for why they’ll be there, meaning I’m expecting DC to drop some crazy announcements related to the above upcoming movies or new ones — in particular Giancarlo Esposito, Michael Sheen, and Daniel Dae Kim. I have no idea what these guys are going to be in, but I really want to find out! If you know or have heard anything, feel free to suggest in the comments, as I may be behind on my news here.

Lastly, the biggest and craziest name I saw on that list: VAL KILMER!

He was indeed a Batman. And given that reverence for Batman Forever has been renewed recently, along with rumors that The Flash movie may involve Flashpoint elements, could he be suiting up as The Dark Knight once more? I don’t see Michael Keaton on this list, which folks were speculating about a few weeks back. Maybe Keaton’s out and Kilmer’s in? (I’m being such a shameless gossip right now! Forgive me!)

If you guys have any thoughts or want to get nuts (get it, Batman ’89 fans?), then c’mon! Let’s get nuts (in the comments section)!

That said, one way or another all will be revealed on August 22, when the DC FanDome officially opens!

Stay Tuned folks!

For more information, be sure to also follow DC’s social channels for frequent updates and news using the #DCFanDome on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!