‘Box of Bones,’ An Endorsement

I am a new convert to horror. I was firmly in my comics, SF, SpecFic, fantasy bag for decades until I read Tananarive Due’s My Soul to Keep. After that, I was all in… on horror literature. However, so-called ‘horror comics’ weren’t scary to me. Not even a little. And as a comic fan, it was disappointing. That was then. Now, there are tons of wonderful horror books that speak to my cultural and aesthetic specificity. There’s Image’s Killadelphia and Bitter Root, which just had a huge announcement. And Vault Comics is doing it big.

Yeah…The book is as freaky as this looks

But there’s been nothing that has hit me harder than Ayize Jama-Everett’s Box of Bones from Rosarium Publishing.

“What fiction could possibly frighten Black folks? What is more harrowing than enslavement? Jim Crow laws? Sundown towns? Having bombs dropped by a government that is supposedly for the people? Witnessing police fire bullets at Black folks all across the United States? Being Black is, ostensibly, a state of living horror.”

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