‘Kate’ Shoots Up Tokyo in New Trailer for the Netflix Film

I really had high hopes for this one. The premise was pretty cool: an assassin has to take out the people responsible for poisoning her before she succumbs to death from the poison. And admittedly the action sequences look amazing. And I really do love Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But yet again, we’re getting another movie where Americans go into an Asian country and start shooting up minorities.

I’m a bit conflicted to be honest, because I wanted this to be the shoot-em-up action romp that Gunpowder Milkshake wasn’t. And on one hand, this already looks a hundred times better. On the other hand, can we stop falling back on that trope that the good guys are White and the bad guys are everyone else? And maybe let’s stop with the “go into their country and kill them all” stuff. It’s tired, stale, and honestly kind of racist.

See what you make of it in the trailer below:

Kate hits Netflix September 10.

2 thoughts on “‘Kate’ Shoots Up Tokyo in New Trailer for the Netflix Film

  1. Yeah, that, and can we maybe stop saddling our kickass action heroines with young girls/teens to babysit? Between this, Birds of Prey and Gunpowder Milkshake, I’m beginning to see a pattern with female-centric action movies lately. It reeks of “the female main character must have motherly instincts”. Why can’t we have female characters being bosses, kicking ass and taking names all on their own? And if the kid is supposed to be “the heart” – the emotional core – of the movie, can’t we find anything else other than this tired trope?

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