‘Dune’ Comes to Life at Texas SandFest 2021

Your ship to Arrakis is almost here folks! Dune is at long last finally hitting theaters this weekend! And when you think about the epic, monumental scale of the film, and the hauntingly beautiful but harsh environments that create the desert planet of Dune, only one thing comes to mind — sandcastles in Texas!

All joking aside, for anyone who’s ever looked at the gorgeous visuals from either the trailer or the film itself, you’d know that it’s a breathtaking and exhilarating sight to behold. And to bring it to life in painstakingly glorious detail is a challenge that not only Denis Villeneuve has accomplished, but also Canadian sculptor Abe Waterman!

Waterman took to the beaches of Port Aransas, TX to bring Arrakis to life at Texas Sandfest 2021. Using his amazing craftsmanship, he sculpted an incredible, large, and lifelike tableau of Timothee Chalamet’s Paul being chased and almost engulfed by one of Dune‘s signature creatures, the Sandworm!

Here’s a real-time video of Waterman and team at work!

Here are a few quick shots of Waterman’s work up-close:

Now that you’ve seen it on the beach, it’s time to see it on the biggest screen possible! Arrakis is waiting!

Dune hits theaters and HBO Max this Friday, October 21!