Paging Dr. Yueh: An Interview with Chang Chen from ‘Dune’

Tonight’s the night! It’s been a long road for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, and the country is finally going to see his faithful, epic, visually stunning adaptation hit the big screen, in the way it was meant to be seen! And to celebrate, we are finally going to reveal that were given the very exciting opportunity to speak with Dune star, Chang Chen, who plays the complex Doctor Yueh.

The character of Wellington Yueh is something of a complex figure. Fans of the book are definitely aware of the difficult choices he has to make in the source material and in the film. And those who have seen the 1984 film are aware of the problematic historical portrayals of a character implied in the source material to be of Asian descent by Caucasian actors like Dean Stockwell. But Villeneuve strived for authenticity, and moved forward with the casting of international Asian superstar, Chang Chen. As such, it was an honor to speak with Chen about his thoughts on how People of Color are portrayed in the film, and the complexities behind his character and his choices.

Take a look here to see what he had to say:

Chen was absolutely gracious and generous with his time, and does a great job being sympathetic in the film. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with him!

Dune hits theaters and HBO Max tonight! Be sure to catch it on the biggest screen possible!