NOC Exclusive Clip: When Marquis Met Alice on ‘Batwoman’

After a three-week hiatus, The CW roster of DCTV is making its way back to our television and streams. Especially anticipated is the return of Batwoman — where so much has happened this season. Ryan’s (Javicia Leslie) newfound brother Marquis (Nick Creegan) has taken on the role as the new Joker. And, the only way to reinstate his empathy is through another buzz from the previous Joker’s special joy buzzer. That’s comic-book logic for you!

The only problem is that there’s only one buzz left, which Alice (Rachel Skarsten), a former villain who knows wants to be good, wants to use on herself to become her former self — Beth again. Again, it’s comic-book logic. Who will get the buzz? Will Ryan get her brother back, or will Mary (Nicole Kang) get her step-sister Beth back?

We have an exclusive clip for tonight’s episode “We’re All Mad Here” that shows the first meeting between Marquis and Alice as they discuss their predicament, opening the tide for the story of the episode.

Check it out below:

Batwoman Season 3, Episode 12: “We’re All Mad Here” airs tonight on The CW, and streams on the CW app February 24.