Hard NOC Life 264: ‘Moon Knight’ Before and Afterlife

Keith, Dominic, and Britney is join the goddess Taweret on a journey into the afterlife as they break down the penultimate episode of Moon Knight while mourning the passing of comics icon Neal Adams and the cancellation of most of The CW’s DC shows.

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NOC Exclusive Clip: When Marquis Met Alice on ‘Batwoman’

After a three-week hiatus, The CW roster of DCTV is making its way back to our television and streams. Especially anticipated is the return of Batwoman — where so much has happened this season. Ryan’s (Javicia Leslie) newfound brother Marquis (Nick Creegan) has taken on the role as the new Joker. And, the only way to reinstate his empathy is through another buzz from the previous Joker’s special joy buzzer. That’s comic-book logic for you!

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‘Batwoman’ Stars Know Great Romance Comes with Great Responsibility

There’s a lot of responsibility for “firsts” for representation in the media.

For The CW’s Batwoman, actresses Javicia Leslie and Meagan Tandy definitely feel the pressure to get their characters and their romance right. As the first queer superhero Black couple*, Leslie and Tandy understand their responsibility.

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Nick Creegan on Becoming the New Joker of ‘Batwoman’

It’s been a tough time for Batwoman, AKA Ryan Wilder. Not only has she lost her best friend Mary the Plant Side of Poison Ivy, but her newly discovered brother Marquis has turned out to be a maniac who wants to ruin her life and cause chaos. Ironically due to an incident with the original Joker in his childhood, he has become the new Joker threatening Gotham City. But is there more to Marquis beneath the surface? And is there a chance for Ryan to save him?

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Nicole Kang on Stepping into the Role of Poison Ivy in ‘Batwoman’

Batwoman fans were shocked, yet excited, when the beloved Mary Hamilton, heart of the Bat-team, found herself transformed into the newest version of Poison Ivy. Before the season hiatus, Mary went Thelma and Louise with her step-sister Alice to evade the rest of the Bat-Team, but now as the season has returned, she’s stepping back into Gotham with bolder intentions to assert her power and never feel vulnerable again.

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NOC Interview: Showrunner Eric Wallace Discusses the Return of ‘The Flash’

“Armageddon,” the five-part special event that will see Barry Allen/The Flash, and his wife Iris and their friends face a threat unlike any they’ve faced before, one that will put them even more strenuously through the wringer. But they have help with heroes coming to their aid from across the Arrowverse! But will that be enough?

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Hard NOC Life 240: ‘Dune’ is Coarse, Rough, Irritating, and it Gets Everywhere

On a new episode of Hard NOC Life, Dominic and Britney review Denis Villeneuve’s remake of Dune, break down Hayden Christensen’s official return to the Star Wars universe, and discuss on-set safety after Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and Ruby Rose revealed the working conditions on the Batwoman set.

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‘Catwoman: Hunted’ Leads DC Animation’s 2022 Movie Slate

It was a huge day for the Bat and the Cat today! In addition to the new trailer for The Batman dropping, featuring Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight opposite Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, DC Animated Movies announced their next big offering, coming February 8, 2022, Catwoman: Hunted!

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‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Gotham Knights’ Games Teased in New DC FanDome Trailer

The newest trailer for DC FanDome dropped today and with it came even more hype to get us ready for next Saturday’s event. What stood out for me though were the brief shots of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights that teased some new footage to come at FanDome.

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Full Talent Line-Up Revealed for DC FanDome

It’s coming folks! We are just about two weeks away from year two of DC FanDome. And as is tradition with most cons, the closer we get, the more is revealed! And today the good folks at DC have debuted their all-star lineup of talent that will be making appearances at the highly anticipated virtual con! Take a look here:

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Welcome Back to the DC FanDome

Suit up, DC Fans! Because on Saturday, October 16, you’re needed back at the DC FanDome!

That’s right! After the overwhelming success of last year’s inaugural virtual event, DC announced earlier this year that DC FanDome would be returning. And as of this morning, we are finally getting an official press release, and an announcement regarding the programming we can expect from this year’s event. And it’s looking to be just as epic the second time around.

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‘The Flash’ Returns This November with Five-Part “Armageddon” Premiere

Even though The Flash only ended this July with a wonderfully splendid renewal of the WestAllen vows and a family team-up against an army of Godspeeds, fans won’t have to wait long for the Season 8 premiere! And it’s going to be an action-packed doozy.

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NOC Interview: David Ramsey’s Arrowverse Journey Continues

John Diggle has been a beloved fixture in the Arrowverse since his inception. Played by David Ramsey, he’s often a favorite character for many fans of DCTV. Even though Arrow has ended, Diggle endures as he embarks on a new journey in the Arrowverse, appearing on the various shows that Ramsey himself directs. We were fortunate enough to speak with David Ramsey in anticipation of his directed episode of Legends of Tomorrow debuting this Sunday, finding out what exactly is going on with Diggle going forward, his previous appearance on Batwoman, and the experience of directing.

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DC FanDome: Get Ready to Explore the Multiverse

Upon its announcement the DC FanDome experience was going to showcase four separate rooms to explore and a full schedule of DC fan experiences that users could choose from to create a customized itinerary. However, as you can see from the incredible Hall of Heroes event itself two weeks ago, there was just too much awesome to contain to one day.

So on September 12, for 24 hours, get ready to return to the FanDome, to explore the multiverse!

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Get Ready for the DC FanDome!

It’s been a long, long quarantine folks. Let’s be honest, under normal circumstances, we’d all be waist deep in Con season — the most wonderful time of the year; starting with Wondercon, then Paleyfest, E3, Anime Expo, and glorious, glorious SDCC. But alas, 2020 has been something of a cruel master. And while truthfully these are a.) first-world problems, and b.) necessary sacrifices to maintain health and safety, yours truly still longs for the ability to take solace and comfort in the simple joys of abandoning life’s problems, and uniting as one ginormous tribe of nerds, hugging and crying over the excitement generated from the world debut of the most anticipated trailers of the year in Hall H. I miss those days, and if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you all do too.

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Release the ‘Crisis’ Cut

It goes without saying that we are very excited for this winter’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW. On the most recent edition of DC TV Classics, I even suggested that Warner Bros. should consider cutting together all five episodes of the crossover into a feature-length format and release a proper Crisis movie on home video.

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