Release the ‘Crisis’ Cut

It goes without saying that we are very excited for this winter’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW. On the most recent edition of DC TV Classics, I even suggested that Warner Bros. should consider cutting together all five episodes of the crossover into a feature-length format and release a proper Crisis movie on home video.

Pretty sure Warner Home Video could make a lot of money by releasing this

I’ve long argued that the key to DC’s cinematic universe would be to embrace the Multiverse and bring back all of the iconic actors who have portrayed DC characters over the years. Not only is The CW doing this with this year’s crossover, they’re bridging generations (Burt Ward as an elderly Robin), transcending two dimensions (Kevin Conroy making his live action debut as Batman), and even crossing into the movies (Brandon Routh reprising his Superman Returns role).

The CW is also returning to its early 2000s The WB roots by bringing back Smallville stars Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Clark and Lois, as well as Birds of Prey’s Ashley Scott as Huntress. Who knows how many more secrets the producers have hidden? Though each successive photo released by cast and crew keeps whetting the appetite for the most ambitious crossover event in history — sorry, Avengers.

Of course, Warner Home Video always releases full-season box sets of its superhero shows. And recently, each show includes the other crossover episodes so that fans of a particular hero can get a complete story without shelling out dough for three or four other box sets. But here’s the thing, I think Crisis on Infinite Earths can — and will — work as a standalone product. Also, you could release it as a standalone product before the season sets come out (and let’s face it, the type of fan who still buys physical media — i.e., me — will be more than happy to double dip on something as momentous as this!)

(Speaking of ‘momentous,’ shout out to the homie Osric Chau for finally getting cast as Ryan Choi!)

Even better, a standalone Crisis release could be more than just repackaging all five episodes onto a single disc. Instead, imagine if the five episodes of the crossover were edited together into a seamless 3.5 hour movie. You could even include last year’s Elseworlds episodes on a separate disc to play as a prologue of sorts. Also, a standalone release would allow for plenty of special features and behind-the-scenes moments from a truly historic period in live action DC history.

Even if you don’t release it on to physical media, DC Universe would be a great platform to stream the “Crisis Cut” for those who missed it on broadcast. Of course, “demanding” Warner release any kind of cut can be a fraught exercise. Think of this more of us politely asking. Either way, I know where I’ll be this December.

If you can’t wait until then, just bask in the awesomeness of the photos below to tide you over until they #ReleaseTheCrisisCut

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