DC FanDome: Zack Snyder Brings the Hype with Surprise Guests and #SnyderCut Teaser

I am a Marvel fanboy. I always have been. DC has been kind to my youth, don’t get me wrong, but as the last several years have attested, it’s been difficult holding our collective breath for a superhero movie from DC that didn’t get immense flack. I won’t lie to you — I’ve goaded friends, some more than others, for rallying behind something like #TheSnyderCut back in 2017.

Fast forward a handful of years and a whole lot of headlines to Saturday’s Snyder Cut panel at DC FanDome and… I’m sold.

I’m sold on the movement, on its message. I’m sold on the passion and the larger than life following the film’s cut has amassed. Snyder’s earnestness was on full display as he fielded questions from fans, read by his surprise guests: the cast of Justice League!

Those present were Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ezra Miller, each with their own fan question or general showing of love and support for Snyder’s tenacity in bringing his #SnyderCut to life.

Following this came some one-on-one time with two super fans who led the charge in bringing the #SnyderCut film into a social movement reality. Fiona Zheng and Dexter Washington took questions from Snyder and relayed to him how significant the movement was to get his version of the film to the fans and audiences who have been desperate for it.

And finally, the teaser. The 25-minute panel ended with something pretty spectacular and solely the reason this Marvel fanboy is now a believer.

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