Nick Creegan on Becoming the New Joker of ‘Batwoman’

It’s been a tough time for Batwoman, AKA Ryan Wilder. Not only has she lost her best friend Mary the Plant Side of Poison Ivy, but her newly discovered brother Marquis has turned out to be a maniac who wants to ruin her life and cause chaos. Ironically due to an incident with the original Joker in his childhood, he has become the new Joker threatening Gotham City. But is there more to Marquis beneath the surface? And is there a chance for Ryan to save him?

We had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Creegan, the actor who portrays Marquis. We asked him how he approaches playing the character, how he aims for audiences to empathize with Marquis in spite of what he’s done, play the role with a sincere depiction of mental health, and what more is coming for his character and the Batwoman show at large.

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