‘Moon Knight’ Featurette Gives New Look at the Upcoming Series

We’re only weeks away from the hotly anticipated new MCU series Moon Knight, and Marvel has given us a new look at the series with a new featurette. We see sweeping landscapes of the Egyptian desert, Egyptian tombs, and new looks at Moon Knight and his master Khonshu, God of the Moon. It promises an epic and psychological adventure

We finally hear from series director Mohamed Diab who promises an in-depth character exploration of Marc/Steven/Moon Knight, and we finally get to see May Calamawy’s (who also stars on Hulu’s Ramy) character, whom we now know is named Layla, explain how the story is like “Fight Club meets Indiana Jones.” It’s gratifying to see actual Egyptians (and Palestinian in the case of Calamawy) directing and leading in a series based on their cultural heritage, and I’m excited to see what Diab and Calamawy have in store behind and in front of the screen.

“Every aspect of the show has a duality,” says series villain Ethan Hawke, promising that the show will “shift the paradigm” in a way that audiences haven’t seen before. It seems that the show will deal with issues of perception, whether that’s in Marc changing his perception in different personalities or Hawke’s character manipulating the perceptions of his cult followers. Hopefully, the effects of the storytelling for this are riveting.

On another positive note, Isaac says that the show will be taking “the mental health aspect incredibly seriously,” while having a “legitimate character study.” It truly seems that a lot of care and attention is putting into this series, which aims to be something potentially new and groundbreaking for Marvel. The psychological aspect could be incredible in that regard. It is at least groundbreaking on the representation front with Egyptian artists. Hopefully it will be as well for the inclusion of Marc Spector’s Jewish identity, which hasn’t been mentioned yet by the show’s producers.

You can view the featurette here:

Moon Knight debuts on Disney+ on March 30.