The First ‘Ms. Marvel’ Trailer is Here

Ms. Marvel is finally coming to the MCU! And we finally have a trailer! In it, we get to see Kamala Khan as a regular Pakistani American Muslim teen girl fantasize about Captain Marvel and the Avengers, drawing fanart, and dealing with the ins and outs of American high school as a brown girl.

Iman Vellani clearly inhabits the role of Kamala Khan. She’s nerdy, awkward, bright, excitable, and wants to do good in the world even though it keeps telling her she’s not going to be a part of that. She’s sure to make a big impression when the show debuts June 8. We also get glimpses of Rish Shah’s Kamran, who is sure to be a pivotal part of the show in a way that his comics counterpart wasn’t originally, and it is very intriguing to imagine how his role may develop.

Oddly, however, Kamala’s trademark polymorph and embiggening powers are nowhere to be seen. Instead, she has glowing light constructs that resemble more of a Green Lantern-esque hero than what she has in the comics and other media. For many fans of Southwest Asian, North African, and South Asian (SWANASA) descent who love and identify with Ms. Marvel and what her intentionally awkward polymorphic powers represent, this could be a loss of part of what had them fall in love with her character who must awkwardly try to find herself. It is, quite frankly, for this SWANA fan. Hopefully, the show will deliver in other ways to harken in on that relatability, and perhaps her polymorph powers will come later. They’re an integral part of Ms. Marvel’s character.

You can view the trailer below, and catch Ms. Marvel streaming on Disney+ starting June 8.

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