Worlds Collide in New Character Posters from ‘The Flash’

With the internet still reeling from its epic Super Bowl trailer, the marketing team for this summer’s The Flash is kicking it into high gear with the release of three brand new character posters featuring the titular superhero and his World’s Finest companions, Batman and Supergirl.

While Supergirl and Flash look great, I can’t believe that after over 30 years, I have another Keaton as Batman poster to add to the collection!

Additionally, Warner Bros. has uploaded the 30-second “Big Game Spot” that actually aired during the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Philadelphia Eagles (on a terrible pass interference call by the refs, btw). In the TV spot, we get some additional footage that wasn’t included in the official trailer, including an awesome shot of Batman’s suit collection.

The hype is real! The Flash will be in theaters on June 16.

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