How ‘Thirteen Lives’ Represents the Humanity of Thailand and its People

When westerners think about Thailand, there are many thoughts that come to mind: the food, Muay Thai, or martial artist Tony Jaa. There are also many harmful stereotypes of the Thai people that Hollywood gets very wrong. Movies like The Beach or The Hangover II that showcase Thai people as dirty, thuggish gangsters and the country as an untrustworthy place. With Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives, based on true events from the 2018 Thai Cave Rescue, Thais are finally being seen as they truly are – people who love their country and its people. 

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Trailer Revealed for Ron Howard’s Thai Cave Rescue Film, ‘Thirteen Lives’

In 2018, in a small rural village in northern Thailand, thirteen lives were changed forever after being trapped in a cave for 18 days. The junior football team, which consisted of twelve children and their adult coach, went hiking along the caves of Tham Luang, but a unexpected rainstorm caused the cave to flood — trapping them deep within the caves. It took a rescue team of over 10,000 people from all over the world to save these boys.

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Dark Dude, Dark Tower

Another casting announcement, another collective nerdy white boy meltdown. This time, they are directing their ire towards the rumblings that Idris Elba is “the frontrunner” for Roland Deschain in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s brilliant (well, except for books 5 and 6) The Dark Tower series. I won’t go into why I love the series or what it is about, but for those of you who are unfamiliar or want to know more, click here. Needless to say it is Stephen King, so the series is a masterwork of imagination, storytelling, and world building. I think folks were fancasting this series in the early ’80s, with Clint Eastwood being the near unanimous choice for Deschain. Back in the day, the choice was spot on. Hell, even King alluded to it. The only clear choice for Deschain is Viggo Mortensen, not Elba.

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