Game of Thrones The Musical: The SDCC Version!

Just in time for tonight’s hotly anticipated season 7 premiere of Game Of Thrones comes a musical romp that takes our favorite characters into a much more light hearted spin. Coming off a successful run in Los Angeles earlier this year in February, the musical is now heading to San Diego Comic Con from July 20 to 23.

The parody show based on HBO’s hit fantasy series will have eight performances total at the nearby Tenth Avenue Arts Center, which offers a mix of first-season storylines. So if you haven’t watched past the first season, you won’t be too spoiled on the five seasons that has transpired after.

For those attending, you can look forward to a Dothraki love song, a full-body direwolf suit and more than one reference to a certain politician who wants to build a wall. There are also nerd culture nods, a morphing angsty teen and multiple HBO barbs.


Performances are split between two groups of actors, several of whom play multiple roles in the show, with House Lannister performing on Thu 6pm / Fri Midnight / Sat 6pm + 9pm and House Targaryen performing on Thu 9pm / Fri 6pm + 9pm / Sun 1pm.

Fellow NOC writer Josephine Chang and I will be watching the July 21 Friday midnight show (which I hear is the rated-R version) so if you’re also in the area, do join us! (We’ll also be there for all of the Comic-Con days doing cosplay so we’ll also be tweeting from the NOC Twitter account of all the amazing cosplays we’ll be seeing).

*Awkward note: Yes, a saavy NOC reader may observe that the two casts are entirely white but then again the HBO show itself wasn’t exactly brimming with diversity. Special mention does need to be given to Will Choi, who was in the original musical cast but is busy being awesome with his UCB Asian AF shows.