Six Thoughts On The 13th Doktah’

So this weekend Doctor Who regenerated for the 13th time and is now a woman. Jodie Whittaker is replacing Peter Capaldi as the iconic Timelord.

As with all things speculative fiction and social justice, social media has been lit, to put it mildly with everyone expressing opinions for and against the new Doktah.

I have a thoughts on the new casting as well. Hence me writing this piece and you reading.

Allons y!!!!!!!!

1. #BlackGirlMagic

Them: We Finally Have A Female Doctor

Me: Yes and her name DOCTOR Martha Jones


2. #ICapeForBlackWomen

I have serious concerns. Pearl Mackie got the boot from the series.

Can’t help but wonder if this was because of the new white female Doctor Who.

Because screwing over black women for blond beckies is textbook white fauxminism. I’m going to reserve judgment for now until the new companion is announced and we find out what ultimately lies ahead for Bill Potts. But yeah, concerns I have them.


3. A Brand New Day

When you learn that showrunner and raging bigot Steve Moffat has left Doctor Who and you can finally watch the show again.

4. Gratitude


5. CONGRATULATIONS, You Played Yourself

White social justice in a nutshell.

Fauxgressives are patting themselves on the back because they have a white female #DoctorWho thinking they’ve stuck it to the oppressors.

However they conveniently forget that for the last four years, they’ve supported and financed Steve Moffat one of the biggest misogynists/racists/homophobes/douchebags in the industry.


6. Final Question


2 thoughts on “Six Thoughts On The 13th Doktah’

  1. David Tennant was my Doctor. A memorable scene is where he punished the Family of Blood for causing so much suffering in their vain quest for immortality. One reason why I find people slow to anger more dangerous than those with a fiery temper.

    I also have my concerns I get they wanted something new but why let Pearl go? She’s a very talented actress they could have kept her another season or two…*long sigh*

    I watched Broadchurch I thought Jodie’s character was a breakout one I think she’ll do just fine. Still not ginger though!

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