43 Thoughts While Watching ‘Watchmen’

(This post contains out of context spoilers)

  1. Bass Reeves? I need to see this film. Is this a real film?
  2. That piano sounds so mournful. Foreshadowing for that ass.
  3. Aside from Rosewood and documentaries, have we ever seen the horror and pure evil of white supremacist depravity on screen?
  4. What kind of The Purge shit is this?
  5. Whoa — this is a mash up of Batman’s and Superman’s origin stories.
  6. That shot inside the steamer trunk is so damn haunting.
  7. Shades of James Byrd. They just dragging folks?
  8. While the idea of cops wearing masks, and recording their interactions with you, makes sense for the cop’s safety — but how absolutely horrifying.
  9. Finally someone acknowledges that Rorschach is a damn fascist.
  10. What if all cops had to get their weapons released by a central command?
  11. How many lives would be saved if Panda had to give you authorization to use your weapon, after a long ass Q&A? How many cops would die?
  12. Melanin attracts bullets.
  13. Regina King is the queen. She’s your queeeeennnnnn to beeeeeeeee!
  14. Regina King has been in the game forever and has barely aged. She must have Sade Syndrome.
  15. Vietnam is a state? How dope.
  16. Redforations? No. He. Did. Not. No. He. Did. Not.
  17. Why is her kids white? Not a big deal, just want to know the story.
  18. She just cleaned off squid as if it was just a regular part of her day.
  19. Her action form is a kick ass nun? 
  20. “I got a nose for white supremacy and he smells like bleach.” Drop all the damn mics.
  21. A Clockwork Orange ass pod.
  22. That pod scene was disturbing.
  23. His. Ass.
  24. All the cops are together and they are all masked. They are masked even with each other. Spooky. What does this mean? How is their relationships?
  25. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Nope. Scary, son.
  26. Interesting how the person not wanting to go ‘weapons free’ is Panda, a Black man.
  27. The Oklahoma (musical) through-line is haunting.
  28. Ozymandias is typing butt naked. Is he on some Dead Ringers ish?
  29. She’s going to massage the wrinkly?
  30. You cannot cut a cake with a damn horseshoe. What are you doing?
  31. That whole scene was weird. It felt out of place. And weird. And Stepford people-esque. And weird as hell.
  32. Regina King’s action hero cred is solidified.
  33. Watch batteries? Dafuq?
  34. Seeing the sub-Reddit of Rorschach’s planning an operation chilled me to my core.
  35. That callback to the earlier Tulsa massacre when they unveiled the bi-plane. Ugh.
  36. Yoooooooo……. Is that the original Archie? Or is it one of a fleet?
  37. The flamethrower? Fan service, but in a good way.
  38. The effects of that crash was dope for television. That looked like it really hurt.
  39. With all that’s going on, you’re really going to drive by yourself.
  40. We all know what a spike strip means. Your ass is about to be ambushed. Run, son!
  41. Strange fruit. The other white meat.
  42. Is Louis Gossett the baby or the little boy? Is he a descendant of Bas Reeves?
  43. This is the best pilot episode I’ve ever seen. Better than Lost, The Expanse, Misfits. Some good ass television.