UPDATED: The NOC’s Upcoming Marvel Studios Slate Tracker

Behold and enjoy The NOC’s Upcoming Marvel Studios Slate Tracker! Your Nerds of Color source for all upcoming projects and release dates for the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

UPDATED 11/10/23

Updated release dates for Captain America: Brave New World, Blade, Deadpool 3, and Thunderbolts

UPDATED 6/14/23

Updated release dates for Captain America: Brave New World, Blade, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars

UPDATED 10/11/22

Updated release dates for Blade, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four, and Avengers: Secret Wars

UPDATED 9/27/22

Updated with Deadpool 3 Info

UPDATED 9/14/22

Updated with all announcements from D23 Expo

UPDATED 7/25/22

Updated with all announcements from San Diego Comic Con

Today we wanted to update that article with the official titles and release dates for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, The Marvels, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. (See this article for more on those updates)!

However, rather than leave the article as a dated relic of the best Christmas present we got last year, we’ve decided to turn it into your official NOC source for all things Marvel Studios.

ECHO – January 10, 2024

Deaf superhero, Maya Lopez/Echo, who will be debuting in Hawkeye, will be getting her own spin off series starring Alaqua Cox, coming soon to Disney+


Everyone’s favorite nosey neighbor turned witch-we-love-to-hate will be getting her own series, starring the amazing Kathryn Hahn, coming soon to Disney+


One of the biggest and most exciting surprises to come out of Kevin Feige’s presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2022 was the announcement of an 18-episode series called Daredevil: Born Again. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be reprising their iconic roles from the original Netflix series, along with Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye. It’s very likely Echo will be leading into this series.

DEADPOOL III – July 26, 2024

It was announced by Ryan Reynolds that Hugh Jackman would be coming back once more to play Wolverine in the new installment of the franchise, which will be directly set in the MCU!


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s Malcolm Spellman has been tapped to write the next installment of the Captain America franchise, with Sam Wilson officially picking up the shield and mantle.

THUNDERBOLTS – July 25, 2025

On June 9th, 2022, Deadline reported that Marvel Studios has hired Jake Schreier (Robot and Frank) to helm the MCU’s version of Thunderbolts. During D23, Kevin Feige confirmed the team roster: Yelena Belova, Bucky, Red Guardian, Ghost, US Agent, and Taskmaster, who will all report into Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Valentina Allegra De Fontaine. But I have a feeling we’ll be hearing very soon about what’s going to happen with these super-powered rogues!

Thunderbolts will be the conclusion of Phase 5 of the MCU.

BLADE – November 7, 2025

Though we heard about it last year at Comic Con, Feige made a brief reminder that we can expect The Daywalker to return, played by two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, in the near future!

FANTASTIC FOUR – May 2, 2025

Directed by Matt Shakman (WandaVision) and written by Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer!


At Comic-Con 2022, Kevin Feige took to the stage to officially announce the 5th and 6th Avengers movies. The first will be The Kang Dynasty. We know He Who Remains made his debut in Loki, but his variant Kang the Conqueror will be making his debut in Quantumania. By the title of this movie, it sounds like his nefarious deeds will extend beyond the Quantum Realm in ways that will require the heroes Marvel Cinematic Universe to team up against him. There’s no doubt this will have to lead into Secret Wars since that’s only a few months after this one. Speaking of which…


Speculation is rampant now about how The Kang Dynasty will lead to Secret Wars. The villain of the 2015 Secret Wars storyline was actually Doom, who took the powers of the Beyonder to create Battleworld, and make himself Emperor Doom. Perhaps The Kang Dynasty will end with Doom taking powers or tech from Kang? We’ll just have to wait 3 long years to find out.

Among the rest of the slate, Feige announced many other undated releases, including some that were never previously announced prior to the Disney Investors Presentation. Here’s a breakdown of those exciting titles, along with Marvel’s official statements:


Don Cheadle returns as James Rhodes aka War Machine (aka Rhodey) in Armor Wars, an Original Series coming to Disney+. A classic Marvel story about Tony Stark’s worst fear coming true: what happens when his tech falls into the wrong hands?


Dominique Thorne is genius inventor Riri Williams in Ironheart, an Original Series about the creator of the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man. I’ve loved Riri ever since she came into the scene! Glad we’re going to see her soon!


During Disney+ Day, Marvel Studios officially announced Season 2 of What If…? will be coming soon to Disney+


We saw them in What If…? this past summer. Now the Marvel Zombies are coming back to invade in their all new animated series, coming soon to Disney+!


During the Disney+ Day presentation, Marvel Studios announced a new Spider-Man animated series chronicling the Freshman Year days of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler! Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be coming soon to Disney+.

X-MEN ’97

Marvel Studios is officially creating a sequel series to the seminal X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon which aired from 1992 to 1997! The highly anticipated series will debut soon on Disney+!

Phew! I’m both pumped up and exhausted at the same time! And I haven’t felt that since Comic-Con last year!

Get psyched folks!! And Make Mine Marvel! Excelsior!!!

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