The New ‘Eternals’ Trailer Emerges

Marvel Studios dropped the latest trailer for Eternals. And I didn’t post it immediately because I spent the last 40 minutes watching it over and over and over. In fact, in the past 40 minutes the trailer has amassed 332K views on YouTube alone (probably all from me). But the fact of the matter is, THIS LOOKS SO FREAKING INCREDIBLE!

Enough talk! You watch now!

We will do a full breakdown of this trailer later this week, like we did with the teaser a few months back. But suffice it to say this and Dune are easily my most anticipated movies of the year! Everything about Chloé Zhao’s direction is radiant and breathtaking! And hearing that Gemma Chan will be taking center stage in this? Just take my money already!

In addition to the astonishing trailer, Marvel Studios also dropped the latest, gorgeous poster of the film for all of us to behold in its glory!

Eternals hits theaters November 5.

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