Kingo Outruns Deviants in a Lexus in New ‘Eternals’ Commercial

Okay, ordinarily we don’t use this site to plug car partnerships. If this was a regular thing, I’d be driving around in my sleek new all-wheel drive Lexus with self-parking features, and anti-collision sensors, and my bags of money in it’s incredibly spacious trunk with enough cargo space for you and the whole family (I’ll cash my check for this later). But since this one is quite funny, and since we simply can’t wait for Eternals to come out, we just had to share this!

The collaboration between Lexus and Marvel Studios stars Kumail Nanjiani reprising his role as Kingo, and the voice of Lia McHugh, as Sprite, as Kingo weaves and dodges debris from a Deviant attack in his sexy new Lexus IS500 to hilarious results.

Check it out below:

Again, in all seriousness, we wouldn’t normally post Lexus commercials on this site. But we figured some of you fans out there would enjoy devoting a pleasant extra two minutes of your day to the delightful Nanjiani, and a bit more time with The Eternals!

Marvel Studios’ Eternals hits theaters November 5!