New Manga-Inspired ‘Dune’ Poster Debuts

The countdown for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is on! And though much of the world has seen the film already, a few territories are still waiting in anticipation for their journey to Arrakis. We in the US are still, of course, waiting for the film to hit theaters on October 22. However, Japan only has 11 days more, since the film hits cinemas there on October 15!

One of the coolest things about seeing a film like Dune be embraced by so many different countries, is that we get to see some of the amazing artwork that will debut for the film for those international territories. And WB has just dropped some amazing artwork for the Japan release, illustrated by renowned manga artist Posuka Demizu (The Promised Neverland).

Take a look at this amazing work of art here:

The piece was so highly regarded that Villeneuve went on record to say this about Demizu and her work:

Posuka Demizu’ art is deeply moving because she embraces the look of the characters and the spirit of the movie, but makes it her own. There is something special about the way she plays with the gravity and the dynamic of the drawing; I think it’s very beautiful and poetic. For me, it’s a gift.

Given the dense and gorgeous mythology behind Dune, the narrative truly lends itself to easily be adapted to different styles that would absolutely suit the manga look and feel. Much like the film itself, the poster truly is a stunning work of art!

Dune hits theaters and HBO Max here in the US on October 22!