Ally Maki Brings the Asian American Girl Club to Hulu’s ‘Hit-Monkey’

On November 17, Hit-Monkey, Hulu’s latest TV-MA rated animated Marvel property, makes its debut on the streaming platform. Based on the comic by Daniel Way and artist Dalibor Talajić, Hit-Monkey tells the tale of a Japanese snow monkey who seeks revenge against the gangsters that decimated his family. One of the characters drawn into Hit-Monkey’s orbit is Detective Haruka, played by the incomparable Ally Maki.

I recently had the great pleasure to chat with Ally over Zoom about her new role, and her ascendency to the top of the Disney canon after voicing Giggles in Toy Story 4 and playing Mina on Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger series and now as she straddles both sides of the Disney bundle with Hit-Monkey on Hulu and a role in Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+.

We also get to talk about the importance of Asian American representation and how advocacy is tied into her acting career as well as through the Asian American Girl Club, which she founded in 2018. See below for more of my conversation with Ally, and check out Hit-Monkey on Hulu when all episodes drop on November 17.