Hear Michael Giacchino’s Theme for ‘The Batman’

Just a few minutes ago, director Matt Reeves revealed the new Batman theme from Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Up, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: No Way Home) via Twitter. And it already sounds epically iconic!

I’ve been a huge fan of Giacchino’s work for at least two decades. And while giants like Hans Zimmer and John Williams have become household names, Giacchino’s work has remained relatively underrated. However, unlike many other composers working today, his work and style has always been incredibly distinct, versatile, and above all, catchy!

If you take a look at even just the themes from Ratatouille, The Incredibles, or Up, they could literally not be any different from one another. Yet they are instantly recognizable and perfectly encompass the spirit of the films they represent.

Beyond just the Pixar classics, of course, Giacchino has also contributed to the themes of Jurassic World, Reeves’ Apes films (along with all of Reeves’ films dating back to Cloverfield), and the recent Kelvin timeline Star Trek films. And he’s managed to breathe new life into all of those franchises, creating new themes for them rather than just adopting what was created previously. And he’s going to do it again with The Batman!

Check out the new theme for yourself here:

The score evokes almost a spaghetti western quality to it, providing a dark and mysterious tone that you could see capturing the spirit of characters like Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name, or The Mandalorian even. Then it becomes brooding and triumphant as it ends. To see The Dark Knight, a lone vigilante on a quest for justice, walking through the streets of Gotham to this theme is something that couldn’t be any more perfect!

Giacchino has done it again! The Batman hits theaters March 4!