The New Poster for ‘The Batman’ is Coming in Hot

I actually mean that literally. There’s a lot of fire in this one.

To be honest, I’m not sure what it is with studios giving us some really gorgeous artwork, then slapping together obligatory “disembodied faces” with Photoshop for final posters. The MCU is guilty of it. DC is guilty of it. Star Wars is guilty of it. And it’s not my favorite trend overall.

That being said, I suppose I can’t complain about the fact that we are getting more promotional material for The Batman these days. It signifies that we are inching ever so slowly towards the March 4 release of the film. And while I have my opinions on this new poster, at least in comparison to the previous, really gorgeous ones, I would still find it riveting to see it in a movie theater or hanging on my wall.

Check it out for yourselves here:

Gotta love that Pattinson Bat-suit! That cowl is beautiful!

The Batman hits theaters March 4, 2022.