Happy Mar10 Day from ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Well folks, today is March 10, or Mar10 for short. Which, for those unfamiliar, is the feast of Mario, patron saint of the Mushroom Kingdom, who defeated the evil King Koopa to save the princess and all the little toadstools from tyranny. It is a religious holiday for many, and to commemorate this, Nintendo and Illumination have released the final trailer for the highly anticipated The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

The latest trailer, and every trailer prior, have truly made this one look amazing! Just for the incredible Mario Kart Turtle Shell combo at the end of the trailer, this movie has skyrocketed to my top five anticipated movies of the year! Check it out here!

But that’s not all! In addition to the trailer, tickets to The Super Mario Bros. movie have now gone on sale! Some theater chains are doing a few really cool promos for the movie!

If you go to an AMC theater today and buy tickets, you can get a very cool poster!

There are also fun promotions with TCL Chinese Theaters in LA, Cinemark, and a few others! Go here to find a showtime near you!

Don’t miss The Super Mario Bros. Movie! Hitting theaters April 5!