‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Poster and Featurette Celebrate Din and Grogu

Today marks the 30-day countdown to the season 3 premiere of The Mandalorian. Starring Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin, the critically acclaimed, original, live-action series sees its titular protagonist reunited with his cute but very powerful Grogu — let’s face it, his real name is Baby Yoda — and going on new adventures across the galaxy. To mark such an occasion, Disney has released a brand-new poster along with a featurette centered on the show’s legacy.

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Din Djarin Finds His Way Home in ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Trailer

Though The Mandalorian season two finale saw Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) part ways with Grogu, their separation was short-lived as the two were eventually reunited in the final episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. Together once again, they’ll travel across the galaxy in pursuit of adventure. And a new trailer reveals more of the overarching plot and character drama, which sees Din trying to make amends for his past transgressions and the Republic making an effort to move away from its dark past.  

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D23Expo: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Trailer Gets Ready For New Adventures

It’s no secret that The Mandalorian reignited the Star Wars fan base with its shiny gun-slinging attitude add very cute Grogu taking on a Lone Wolf and Cub vibe. Though the two were separated temporarily in hopes that Luke Skywalker could train Grogu in the ways of the force, the two eventually reunited. Now it’s time to see what new adventures they will embark on as they head to season 3. And series creator Jon Favreau shared brand new trailer at the D23 Expo.

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The Stars of ‘Hollywood Stargirl’ on Dreaming Big and in Color

Hollywood Stargirl tells the story of Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal) as she finally finds a home with her mother (Judy Greer) in Los Angeles. Based on the characters by Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl brings so much of her eclectic and joyful nature wherever she goes.

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They Are Still Killing Radio Raheem

In just over a month, Spike Lee’s masterful Do the Right Thing will be 31 years old. Me and a group of friends skipped out of our summer work program to see the film. We were budding Black and Brown cineastes who marveled at Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and begged our caretakers and school counselors to help us apply to HBCUs after viewing School Daze (and A Different World) — well, those of us who could activate our dream machinery enough to believe we could escape the projects and could make it in university. It was the summer before our senior year and we all knew that in a year’s time, things would be different. Some of us would be off to the military. Some of us would go to either a four-year college or a junior college. Some of us would go directly into the workforce. And there was me. I had no idea what was waiting for me after high school. All I knew was that as soon as I graduated (if I graduated) I was running as far away and as fast as I could from my abusive mother. I didn’t care where. I just needed to get the hell out of that house. All this was bouncing around in my head as the lights dimmed. Continue reading “They Are Still Killing Radio Raheem”

Breaking Bad is Hard to Do

Breaking Bad, the television juggernaut that has taken over the pop culture zeitgeist for the last several months, will be airing its series finale this Sunday night on AMC. If you don’t follow the show, hype surrounding the finale is hard to avoid. And even if you do watch the show, it’s seemingly impossible to be on the internet and not find yourself wrapped up in a recap (or five) or wasting away your productivity on an easter egg hunt for Walter White’s khakis in the desert. Basically, everyone in the world — and their neo-Nazi uncle — is talking about Breaking Bad. So the question is, why should The Nerds of Color?

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