Deadpool and Korg Team Up for Hilarious ‘Free Guy’ Reaction Video

OH MY GOD! Deadpool is officially part of the MCU guys!

In an email sent out today by the Deadpool Corps entitled “[Draft] Deadpool Integration Test Email #1” (timely, Reynolds!), 20th Century Fox 20th Century Studios Disney included a link to an unlisted video featuring everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth AND Korg from the MCU, meaning — DEADPOOL IS OFFICIALLY PART OF THE MCU! THIS IS HIS FIRST CANON APPEARANCE (…I think? Maybe?…Not?)

Anyway, the two hilariously poke fun at some dudes named Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi (am I saying that right?) who star in some movie coming out called Free Guy!

Free Guy itself has been waiting for the world to see it since last year, and it looks hilarious and fresh, much like a certain mercenary in red!

But again. The big takeaway here? DEADPOOL AND KORG! Not sure what kind of strings Reynolds had to pull for this one. But it’s awesome! Even if it is just a promo for Free Guy, I’m counting it as MCU canon y’all!

Free Guy hits theaters August 13!