Tickets Drop for IMAX First-Looks at ‘Dune’

The movie event of the year is approaching! That’s right! Dune is finally coming out, this year, on October 1! I’m so thrilled for this movie, and have been for the past year, given the pandemic prevented us from seeing it. Everything that we’ve seen so far has been astonishing to say the least.

Well now, we’ll finally to see some of the amazing footage — the new trailer no less — on the biggest screen possible as this morning IMAX and WB dropped this tweet, advertising an IMAX exclusive event to showcase never-before-seen footage at your local IMAX theater on July 21-22.

I admittedly gasped really loud when I saw this, and immediately procured myself tickets. And you can too! To get tickets to this IMAX-only event, simply go here and snag a pair before they sell out!

Don’t think! Just act! Fear is the mind-killer!

The IMAX Dune Event hits your local IMAX theater July 21-22!

And Dune hits theaters October 1!