New ‘Peacemaker’ Clip and Comic-Con Special Edition Round-Up

This past weekend marked a nice toe-dip return to form for San Diego, which saw a scaled down version of Comic-Con International in the city, called Comic-Con Special Edition. While the nice-and-easy mini-convention was light on major studio presences, the one property that dared to make an appearance was James Gunn’s Peacemaker!

The show featured an offsite obstacle course called the “Peacemaker Proving Ground,” and Saturday’s masquerade featured an appearance by the man himself, John Cena!

Here’s a look at the fun and festivities that occurred:

In addition to appearing at the convention, Cena and the crew debuted a brand new, hilarious clip from the show, that will be sure to offend Aquaman fans!

Featuring Gunn’s special blend of offbeat and inappropriate humor, the show is looking like it’s going to be one of the funniest events to hit streaming next year! Time to give peace a chance!

Peacemaker hits HBO Max January 13, 2022!

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