Chatting All Things ‘Peacemaker’ with Robert Patrick, Steve Agee, and Peter Safran

It’s Day 3 of our Countdown to HBO Max’s Peacemaker! So far this week we’ve had the opportunity to share interviews with stars Chukwudi Iwuji, Freddie Stroma, and executive producer Matt Miller. And today we are unveiling our interview with two of the best character actors out there, and one stellar producer: Robert Patrick, Steve Agee, and Peter Safran!

Patrick plays one of the series’ primary antagonists, the horrible, racist father of Peacemaker, Auggie Smith, while Agee reprises his role from The Suicide Squad, as the hilarious guy-in-the-chair, John Economos. Safran, on the other hand, is one of the strongest producers in Hollywood today, having brought us The Conjuring franchise, and three of the best films in the DCEU — Aquaman, Shazam, and The Suicide Squad.

Hear what they have to say about Peacemaker and the DC Universe in the video here:

Want to know more about what deep cut DC easter eggs the show has in store for you? Then check out Peacemaker hitting HBO Max this Thursday, January 13!

And stay tuned to The Nerds of Color tomorrow, as we celebrate premiere day with our interview with series star, Jennifer Holland, and the big man himself, Peacemaker, aka John Cena!

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